Recruitment Process

The recruitment process in Vilsan starts with the preassessment of the applications, which the applicants made through the job adverts in In this preassessment, compentences of the applicants are evaulated and after a detailed evaluation the applicants with the required qualifications are invited to a job interview.

In this stage, applicants are subjected to competency-based interviews which are prepared with the collaboration of the senior management and the staff whom the position, that the applicants are applying, is related to. These interviews are also supported by the necessary survey and evaluation instruments.

Finally applicants are interviewed by the senior management. During this interview, they are informed about the aims and goals of the company and also what the company is expecting from them when they are hired.

The recruited applicants adapt easily to the working environment in Vilsan and see them as an important part of the company as a result of the intensive support of their colleagues beginning from the orientation.