Quality Policy

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, all client expectations and needs are taken into account throughout all processes from pre-sales to manufacturing to after-sales services. In the case of customer complaints, internal analyses are made to provide corrections and implement preventative actions for the future.

To coincide with the state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, Vilsan employees attend continuous personal and professional trainings.

In order to preserve the mutual permanency and efficiency while sustaining the principle of equality and justice regarding economical expectations, all suppliers are suppliers are assessed.

We respect all social, moral, and traditional values throughout all stages of our business activities while being conscientiousness of the environment by recycling wastes and disposing of hazardous material in accordance with regulations.

To be attentive to human resources and investments by ensuring that the contribution is met to our investors and our country within an appropriate and acceptable time period

To be attentive to all the investments in human and capital in order to make them contribute to our investors and country within an acceptable time period.