2015 – Invested in modernization of facility forEU GMP and FDA standards   


Vilsan was acquired by Vimar Animal Health and re-branded as Vilsan Pharmaceuticals.Vilsan Pharmaceuticals invested towards the upgrading and modernization of its production facility to meet the requirements of EU GMP standards.


Vilsan was awarded as the biggest exporter of veterinary pharmaceuticals in Turkey.


As a result of continuous development of the corporate structure, new employment opportunities were created.


Through extensive employee trainings, client focused before-sales and after-sales services were developed.


Vilsan entered the global arena of veterinary pharmaceuticals and took an active role in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Far East through the exporting of its products.


The corporate structure had been strengthened by obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate.


The number of active products offered had been doubled when compared with the previous year.


As a direct result of the Company’s new vision and innovative management approach, Vilsan was recognized as the first company to develop and produce a product (Primavilin Aqua) which is specifically oriented towards aqua culture.


With the new vision that was incorporated by new management, Vilsan gained the opportunity to develop itself into a leading company. The Company complimented its current cattle products with the newly added poultry product range.


Vilsan started producing its own products at the 7,500m2 manufacturing plant located in Ankara, Turkey.


The legal structure of the Company was changed and the new name, which is still in use, was established as: Vilsan Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Trade and Industry Corporation.


Vetsan Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Industry and Trading LLC was established in Ankara, Turkey. Within the same year, the Company name was changed as Vilsan Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Industry and Trade LLC.