For three decades, Vilsan has been active in the veterinary pharmaceuticals sector and currently is recognized as the local leader in terms of sales volume, product range, quality, and investments.  Further to this, Vilsan Pharmaceuticals prides itself as having the largest production facility in Turkey with a 1.000m2 laboratory, 2.000m2 non-beta lactam, 1.500m2 beta lactam, and 500m2 ectoparasitic production areas located on a total open area of 7500m2.
With a sales network that expands throughout the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Caucasia, Central and Far East Asia to South America, the Company continues to grow in various regions worldwide.  Since the acquisition of Vilsan Pharmaceuticals by Vimar Animal Health, the investments towards EU GMP accreditation has begun to support the serious growth for expansion of our sales network.
The infrastructure and facilities have gone through extensive modification and modernization, beginning with the ectoparasitic production building which was finalized and the GMP was renewed as of June 2015 making Vilsan the first in Turkey to receive this accreditation for this specific product category.  The penicillin production building is expected to be complete in September, whereas the upgrading of the non-beta lactam production facility is planned to be complete by the end of 2015 with all necessary equipment validations.
On the other hand, our R&D activities are on-going in a multi-disciplinary form for new innovative products to be developed for specific uses in both the local and international markets.  Our aim with these studies to offer various product offerings that are unmatched by other manufacturers produced in the most modern and state-of-the-art facilities within Turkey.