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Cattle, Camel, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Dog

Each 1 ml contains 20 mg Flumethrin.

AKARVIL 2% Pour-on Solution is used for insecticide and acaricide purposes against ticks with single and multiple hosts,  louse (blood sucking and biting types) and scab agents, all in their mature and development phase, occurred in cattle, camels, deer, sheep, goats and dogs.
Ticks: Boophilus sp. Hyalomma sp., Rhipicephalus sp. Amblyomma sp. Dermancentor marginatus, sucking and biting lice: Haematophinus sternus, Linognathus vituli, Bavicola bovis, B. ovis, Melaphagus ovinus
Scab agents: It is used against Psoroptes ovis.
It is also used against demodex scabs in dogs.

It is applied only on skin surface. It is poured at adjusted doses in animals starting from the cidago region to the coccygeal region.

Pharmacological Dose

It is applied on the skin surface in target species, according to the calculation of  
1 mg flumethrin / kg bodyweight.

Practical Dose

For the treatment of psoroptic mange and louse:

Two-fold of the calculated dose is administered in cattle, camels, deer, goats and sheep.  
For the treatment of demodex mange in the dogs:
It is administered at a dose of 1 ml / 20 kg bodyweight. It is only administered topically.

It is presented in bottles of 100 ml and 500 ml.

During the treatment and after the last drug administration, the drug residue elimination time is zero (0) days for cattle kept for meat and milk as well as for sheep and goats kept for meat. It must not be used in sheep and goats from